Common Diseases

The disease name followed by the approximate duration of profound relief / cure and the approximate success rate are mentioned along with limitations of the Ayurvedic treatment modalities. This is a common learning lesson that myself Dr S. P.Sreejit , B.A.M.S., MD [Ayu] have learned over the past many years . I owe these info to the following teachers of mine


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Medical Conditions

1. IVDP – Inter vertebral disc prolapse

Cases that are with mild to moderate cord compression are curable in 3 -6 weeks with sufficient rest and internal medications and external therapies.

If foot drop and bladder involvement present- tough prognosis .

In severe cord compression ,the patient can be surely provided very profound relief in symptoms and the quality of life can be enhanced in them even though repeat MRI scans do not display any structural improvement.

Many cases recommended for surgery have been cured and generally a bed rest of 25 days is required in many patients.

It is found that if the spinal canal diameter is less than 10 mm due to compression – surgery is better option and Ayurvedic treatments do not generally show any significant improvement.


Symptomatic relief is obtained in the first week of medications and Ayurvedic diet is recommended –
80 -90 % curable in a span of 30 -90 days if the instructions are well followed regarding food and life style.

If perforation of stomach wall is present , its not manageable generally.

Most cases do not show relapse for the next 18 months if the spicy ,sour ,untimely diet is restricted for about six months.

The hiatus hernia shows very marked symptomatic relief but prolonged medication often becomes necessary.


Medicines , therapies with food modification are inevitable along with exercise.

Some doctors opine that five kgs of body weight can be lost in two weeks whereas some have obtained even seven kgs body weight loss in the same span.

The results vary depending upon many factors . Ladies who are unmarried tend to lose weight much more quickly.

Obesity due to hypothyroidism is found to respond much better.


Response in 5 days .
But Dengue haemorrhagic fever is not manageable.
Bed rest is very important . Some cases respond in 3- 14 days span only.


7- 10 days makes almost cure – special care is observed to prevent orchitis and pancreatitis.


Full recovery is possible in 3 to 4 weeks in cases of superficial infection.

But its to be admitted that the management of the modern medicine in this is cheaper in cost and quicker .


Acute phase is curable in cases of serum bilirubin level even up to 21. Some cases of bilirubin 25 also have been cured.

Hepatitis A & C are totally curable in 1 -4 weeks duration but Hepatitis B takes up 3 to 9 weeks to be cured .

Carrier stage that is silent in nature and asymptomatic is generally very bad prognosis and very few patients become negative for HBSAg test.

Its possible to avoid the ulceration and granulation in liver that is induced by the hepatitis.

Dietary restriction is of profound importance . Patients who were recovering very well on exibhiting negligence to dietary instructions have severe flare-ups and occasionally fatal too.

Ideally one month rest is advisable.


Not generally encountered much in practice of Kerala and the case found are from neighbouring states or from military personnels returning from North East India .

2 -3 weeks medications ensure cure as the febrile episodes are generally prevented.

Oil is to be avoided from food.


Chronic cases are curable , approximately 20 days for some , for some 1- 3 months of medication ensures total cure.

Food patterns are very necessary to be modified for maximum results.


If alcohol induced – almost incurable.

Medications upto six months are required .

Early stage cases are responding well. Chronic cases do require longer duration medications.

Cases without severe oesophageal varices or ascitis respond very well to medications.

Exceptionally few number of cases even with ascitis have recovered from the situation completely but life span could not be prolonged to further two years.

Further complications can surely be avoided. Many have symptomatic relief for sure in the second week of starting medications.

Very rarely some patients have survived above 8 yrs.


Acute phase is curable in cases of serum bilirubin level even up to 21. Some cases of bilirubin 25 also have ba11. GALL BLADDER CALCULI

Varied response, usually conservative management is prolonged.

Calculi up to 2-3 mm are manageable by 6 weeks medications. Most patients report pain relief in the initial 3 days itself and increased quality of life even though the calculi is visible in ultra sound scan.

Exceptionally some patients require 6 months of medications- they are the ones who were recommended surgery but could avoid surgery.


Acute cases are generally tough though treatable .

Chronic cases respond well by 4 weeks medication.

Diet restriction is of profound importance.

Some severe cases present with generalized oedema and are of poor prognosis.


Type 2 diabetes with values up to FBS 200 & PPBS level below 350 are manageable by medicine, exercise and selective food pattern recommended in Ayurveda.

Its almost impossible to help a insulin dependant patient to bring back to medications only scenario.

Complications ( almost all) of Diabetes mellitus can surely be prevented and cured. This is one very potential area for Ayurveda .

Patients with onset of diabetes within 3 yrs if put on medicines are able to avoid all the complications at multi system level for up to 15 years.

Cases of Diabetic nephropathy with serum creatinine levels up to 5 & serum urea up to 75 are manageable & any value above this needs dialysis.


Cases with TSH level up to 40 can be cured of symptoms in duration of 4-8 weeks medication .
Late onset ( above 40 yrs age ) hypothyroidism is found to respond better. Myxoedema is incurable.

Interestingly Hypothyroidism is found to mimic as Rheumatoid arthritis in many ladies above 40 yrs of age.

Some patients would present features of Hypo & hyper thyrodism on alternate fashion for many days. Generally response to medications is not much encouraging.


Total cure requires 4- 6 weeks.

Symptomatic relief is attained very profoundly in the first ten days itself.

Generally follow up is found to be difficult as many patients keep on changing doctors.


Generally a tough prognosis and initial stages only turn out to be curable.

Of the wide range of presentation in all stages of this, only 20 % are found curable, 35 % are manageable & remaining with severe deformity and sub luxation are of poor prognosis.

Patients with low hemoglobulin level( ie below 10),ESR above 80, severe deformity, severe early morning stiffness generally respond poorly.

75 – 80 % relief is achievable in 3 months medication and treatments.

Both OPD & IPD level management is absolutely essential. Monoarticular arthritis, ESR level below 80 are favourable factors.

Mild to moderate deformities can be bettered by various treatments and herbal paste bandages. It requires at least 2 months for results to be appreciatable.


Generally tough in chronic cases. Profound relief and increased quality of life is very much possible by OPD & IPD level management.

3 months are required for 90 % relief and that ensures the relapse to be avoided for over 2 years. Medications are required for as long as 8 months for some patients.

Good prognosis is found in cases without albumin urea and without epileptic seizures. Steroid can be tapered and avoided completely in a span of 4 – 8 weeks of starting medicines.een cured.

Hepatitis A & C are totally curable in 1 -4 weeks duration but Hepatitis B takes up 3 to 9 weeks to be cured .

Carrier stage that is silent in nature and asymptomatic is generally very bad prognosis and very few patients become negative for HBSAg test.

Its possible to avoid the ulceration and granulation in liver that is induced by the hepatitis.

Dietary restriction is of profound importance . Patients who were recovering very well on exibhiting negligence to dietary instructions have severe flare-ups and occasionally fatal too.

Ideally one month rest is advisable.


Values of 180/100 mmHg are easily managed and cured whereas some patients with even 180 /120 too respond well.

Response to medication can be elicited by third day itself as under control even though another two weeks would be needed for sustained results.

Even malignant hypertension is also managed well with variable success rate.


Serum cholesterol levels till 300 can be brought to levels below 200 in a span of 2- 3 months.

Triglycerides till level of 300, VLDL till 60 ,LDL till 180 are curable by medications, exercise and dietary restrictions and modifications.

Post menopause patients do not respond well to medications.

Coconut oil is found to be increasing cholesterol levels as that is the medium of cooking in Kerala population. Changing to sesame oil or mustard oil is found to bring down cholesterol levels.


If the spinal canal diameter is normal and there is no major cord involvement its curable in 3 – 4 months duration of OPD level medicine & 2-3 weeks of IP level treatments.

If the gait is ataxic, in severe nerve root obstruction ,in marked neurological deficit, in central compression by the inter vertebral disc- poor prognosis is observed.

Many patients are able to avoid the cervical collar in a week’s time if subjected to a special technique of massage of neck region developed by Kerala physicians.


Mild to moderate cases are surely curable.

Many cases recommended for surgery also respond well to medications of 2-6 months and treatments for 2-3 weeks and get walking abilities and are able to avoid surgery .

Crepitus can be brought into control in this duration.

Patients who have approached before the onset of deformity have received complete cure.

Patients with obesity respond poorly to medicines and treatments.

Special bandages with herbal pastes and lubricating and nourishing natured herbal oil are found to enhance the joint stability very much.


Mild to moderate case curable , cases with osteopenia too respond very well with1-2 months of medication.

Patients with oestrogen deficiency with osteoporosis respond well , otherwise generally tough to manage.


Ayurvedic medications ,food and life style modifications and Yoga helps to enhance the quality of life of the patient and
the Allopathic medications are recommended to be continued as there appears to be no drug in Ayurveda that can replace Sorbitrate.

Following clinical entities respond very well with 60 -70 % cure by medication for about 6 months :-

Double vessel disease, triple vessel disease, unstable angina, ischemias, dilated cardiac myopathy.

Ejection fraction can be increased, TMT changes are much bettered in about 8 months duration.

The following entities are not manageable :-
Rhythm disorders, stable angina , atrial fibrillation, supra ventricular tachycardia.


Efficacy of medicine depends upon duration of disease and other factors.

Mild to moderate cases that are not more than 10 years old are curable. Children respond well to medicines. 3 months of medication is essential for lasting impact.

Its found very commonly that withdrawal of milk ,curd and paneer from the food menu of children helps to decrease the intensity of attacks of asthma and also in recovery from the disease.

For adults not fully curable in chronic cases .

Yoga & food modification is found to have very strong impact on possibilities of the cure .

Even application of head oil has positive as well as negative impact on the disease depending upon the selection of oil for head.


Very tough prognosis.


Medications for 4- 6 weeks provide cure with dietary modifications being very important. Very good response to medications is found with high success rate.


Treatment protocol and response to medicines vary with the cause.

Nutritional iron deficiency anemia resolves by 2- 3weeks medications.

Patients with Aplastic anemia, perinicious anemia, hemoglobinopathy, Thalassemia related anemia do not respond much to medications and show only symptomatic relief.

Anemia due to Acute lymphatic leukemia ,chronic myeloid leukemia respond well .Over a span of 3- 5 months of medication , they achieve very remarkable progress.

Anemia due to Idiopathic Thrombocytic purpura shows mixed response whereas Anemia in the Rheumatoid arthritis and chronic renal failure is rectified to normal value in one month.


Very much treatable and curable, some cases have effect whereas some show resistance.

Symptomatic relief in the first 5 days itself is obtained and substantial cure in the span of 10 days .

Presence of Klebsilla necessitates medicines for 3 -4 weeks for cure.

Even cases that need antibiotics injections respond very quickly in matter of 2 days.

UTI without diabetes and without hydronephrosis responds very well in 2-3 weeks time.
If urine albumin is +++ , UTI its difficult to cure.


Acute cases if mild respond very well in 1-2 weeks time.

Chronic (severe) cases need 1-2 months for recovery and the steroids can be tapered and finally stopped in 2-3 months duration but some patients do not respond well .

Here the albumin urea of +++ is the upper limit in which Ayurvedic medications are effective.

Children and sometimes adults manifest Nephrotic syndrome as a sequel of skin infections and an Ayurvedic physician takes great care in treating skin diseases to prevent any glomerulo nephritis setting in .

HYPOALBUMINUREA is well managed by steroids than Ayurveda medicines.

Some physicians have found cure for albumin urea of the values of even ++++


Values of serum urea below 75 and serum creatinine below 3 are curable.

Some physicians have occasionally met with success even with serum creatinine level up to 5 and serum urea up to 100.

Generally children and adults below 30 yrs of age show very good response and recovery whereas Diabetes with renal failure is found to have poor prognosis & also in those above 40 yrs of age.

Duration of medicine intake – 2 to 3 months minimum, for chronic cases even one year of medication is necessary.


Calculi up to 7mm are surely curable whereas those with 8mm and even 9mm also respond with success over a period of 6 to 12 weeks .

But medications need to be continued for about 6 months to prevent recurrence of the calculi .

Uric acid stones do not respond much to medications whereas calcium oxalates and phosphates are surely curable in a span of 2-4 months.


This is curable by medications for 1-6 months and external oil applications over head for the same duration . Some respond in below one month duration also.

Most get total cure in one year and do not show recurrence whereas some need two years to attain such a state.

Recurrence can surely be delayed and most often avoided for at least two years.


Chronic sinusitis is manageable if chronicity is of above 2 years. Some respond in one month of medication.

Sure cure is possible for sinusitis that is not more than two years chronic.

Medications for 3 months will be required for some for cure .

Even hyposmia cases can be managed by medications and localized treatments.

Anosmia does not respond to Ayurveda medications.


Petit Mal is manageable with 4 -6 months of medication.

Epilepsy that is devoid of etiology of space occupying lesions, devoid of TB, and those with akinetic seizure and temporal lobe epilepsy are treatable and brought under control in 4- 6 months duration.

Epilepsy in children is curable and so is for the teenage group of patients by medications for about 6 months .

Febrile fits found mostly in children are curable by 3 months medication.

Tonic clonic and grandmal seizures are not curable by Ayurveda.


Curable but chances of recurrence always depend upon the diet restriction and modification and stress elements of the patient.

Treatments for 3 weeks and medications for 3 -5 months are required for very severe chronic cases of over 10 years in which the lesion sizes are as large as even 18cms to 25cms .

Guttate psoriasis, isolated scalp psoriasis are curable.

Nail changes can be reversed and made better in a span of 60 days.

In psoriatic arthritis the symptoms and signs can be totally controlled but some patients show relapse after one year.

It has been noticed that Ayurvedic food habits and stress have a major role in deciding the healing.

Treatments are required continuously for 3 years –once a year basis-at a fixed time for a duration of 2- 3 weeks in genetically prone cases. This is seen to have delayed the recurrence for as long as five years.


Cure by 3 weeks medication.

There is a relation between food patterns and the flare up of this disease.

Some severe cases with vomiting and breathing difficulties also respond very quickly.


Dry variety is tougher ( than the wet variety ) to be cured and is curable if the chronicity is less than 2 yrs.

Duration of medication for cure is at least 3months.

Weeping eczema responds very remarkably to medicines in the first ten days itself, new fine layer of skin is formed in the span of one and half months.

Duration of medication – less than three months.


Self resolving mostly yet 3 weeks of medications are required .

Post herpetic neuralgia is generally tough to respond to medications and requires at least 6 months to obtain 70 % relief .

Cure remains elusive in most cases.


First and second degree piles are curable . Medication is required for at least 4 – 6 weeks by which symptoms are totally eradicated .

By 3 – 4months the pile mass shrinks off very substantially.

Third degree prolapsed piles is surgical and intervention by Ksharasootra is the best option.

Bleeding variety responds faster than the non bleeding variety. Some severe cases respond within 4 – 5 doses of medicine.

Some carcinomas are found to mimic as bleeding piles in their presentation.


Acute case is curable in 3- 6 weeks duration.

Elephentiasis and filariasis of one year chronicity is not curable.


Some patients do not respond whereas a good majority report notable symptomatic relief in the span of one month of medication. Thus cure remains elusive.

Patients with PSA levels above 10 do not respond to medicines generally.


Response is found within 2 weeks and substantial cure in one month duration


Generally curable and requires low dosage medicine for minimum 3 – to maximum 6 months with special bandages with herbal pastes.

External application of medicines are more important than internal medications alone.


Response to medicine is the best in cases not more that 2 yrs chronic and those with no hereditary predisposition.

3 weeks of medications, special bandages and life style modifications give substantial relief but structural changes remain the same- the bulging of the veins remain unchanged.



Surgery can be surely avoided.

3 weeks of medications provide profound relief.

Symptomatic relief is obtained in the very first week .

Some patients of Rheumatoid arthritis and Hypothyroidism present this and respond well on being treated for that.

External application of medicated oil is very much essential.


One month sufficient for total cure. For diabetic patients 4- 6 weeks is required.

Substantial relief in half month duration with increased mobility is reported.

Physiotherapy is avoided for the first ten days of external therapies. Oil application in the initial stages flares up the pain.


Two weeks of medication and external treatment modalities are sufficient for 90 % relief .


Generally tough to respond in nature – Symptomatic relief is found but cure remains elusive as surgery is the best option.


Very tough prognosis but responds to medications and topical applications in 6-8 weeks time.

Chances of recurrence are always high.


Cure in seven days time. Signs and symptoms receed down in three days time though.

Medications and topical applications necessary.



Medications vary according to the nature of abscess.

In the early stages, Raktha moksha done by Jalooka ( leech therapy) brings down 80 % of infection in two days time even in abscess of pyogenic arthritis .Drainage of the abscess can be achieved in the very secondday.

Special care is taken for treating abscess of the ear, inguinal and perianal region.


Curable except the genital warts.

Agnikarma – choice of treatment.


Variable success.

Symptomatic relief starts in the first week itself.

Medications and treatments are required for 2 – 3 months with the strict diet pattern and IPD level observation is compulsory.

Success rate is 70 % as most of the cases could avoid amputation at the level of knee joint but auto amputation of the toes occur during the course of the treatment but does not get infective beyond the localized region.

In most cases, amputation can be avoided.


Symptomatic relief in the first three days itself is possible .

Medications are required for 2 – 6 months.


Very effective management and cure is available and varies according to the cause.

Ideally 3 – 6 weeks are required for cure .

Even bed sores in coma patients do respond very well in 2 weeks time without any help of antibiotics and without further spread.

Special food pattern is of utmost importance with internal medications.


Cure in three weeks by external application.

In seven days of local application, the mass bursts open with pain and pus formation. Another two weeks filling of Jaatyadi ghrita does the healing.

The treatment is painful and needs good co operation of the patient.


Secondary scoliosis responds well to special methods of massage.

3 months minimum duration is required for near total cure.