Without the blessings and cooperation of these personalities would not have come to existence. My list of gratefulness and indebtedness towards the following personalities in the below photo collection.

My Family & Friends

This effort is indebted to the support of my wife Dr Jayalakshmi ( and our son Agnivesh who allow me to steal away our personal family time for medico social works for the welfare of doctors and patients. “This website in Indebted and dedicated to late Dr K Sankaran, retired Director of Ayurveda Medical Education, an excellent clinical teacher, outstanding physician and great human being who moulded hundreds of students beyond the call of his normal duty.

Dr Mattakkara Ramachandran Nair 1998

Director of Ayurveda – Matha Amruthanandamayi Math Karunagapally.  A great clinician with vast variety of experience.  A reputation of being a clinical daredevil. Technically he is my first inspiration and conviction giver that Ayurevda can make huge impact I medical welfare of people. I was just 19 yr sold when I met him.

Dr K Sankaran Sir MD (Ayu) 1999

This website in Indebted and dedicated to late Dr K Sankaran, retired Director of Ayurveda Medical Education, an excellent clinical teacher, outstanding physician and great human being who moulded hundreds of students beyond the call of his normal duty.

My first long term mentor. Retired as Director, Ayurveda Medical Education of kerala, he revolutionized tridosha based practice in the academy. A great teacher, great clinician and a noble personality. He has worked beyond and above the call of normal govt duty. He taught me how to write a prescription.

Sri Avanaparambu Maheshwaran Namboodiripad 2001

Specialist in toxicology – mostly snake bites & Elephants – Gaja chikitsa. From him, I learned the aspects of very fast acting Ayurveda drugs in emergency conditions & the implications of Vishachikitsa in normal Ayurveda practice. One of the last physicians of Visha chikitsa tradition who still refuses to accept any fees or financial favours even after saving thousand of lives after treating his first case of snake bit at the age of just 13 yrs.

VAIDYA BHUSHANAM Raghavan Tirumulpad

The senior most exponent of Ayurveda that I met. He Inspired thousands of physicians like me for atleast about 4 decades. Very simple to follow prescriptions, strict adherence in cutting the nidana factors by food and lifestyle pathyam are his contributions. Very effectively learned from him combination prescriptions of kashayam and arishtam. Very economic prescriptions. Instilled the concept of  ‘’unto the last’’ to reach the most economically backward patients.

Dr L Mahadevan Sir MD (Ayu) 2004

He is an excellent combination of in depth authority in Ayurveda & modern medicine knowledge. Popular in Ayurvedic circles for his honest, electrifying lectures of practical experiences, wide experience sharing temperament, he is very much into charity in medico social domains. Most doctors who interact with him consider a  situation of  ‘’Charaka meets Davidson‘’ I am indebted to him for the medico social welfare he has done to me in my personal and professional life. His advise proved very vital for my son – Agnivesh’s welfare at a very early stage.

Dr C D Sahadevan 2005

Dr C D Sahadevan, Thodupuzha town – nicknamed ‘top gun‘ by the community, retired, least expensive prescriptions, widest variety of ailment treated, most significant contribution in pain management techniques – 40 yrs of clinical experience, best known for oncology, infertility, specialist of incurable diseases. Hails from family of snake bite cure specialists.

One of the most humble, compassionate, personality in Ayurevda domains and arguably the most wide variety of ailments treated exposure physician. Known as ‘’TOP GUN’’ for his midas touch that compliments his sharp clinical acumen and unbelievable miraculous successful clinical events from general practice to incurable oncology and infertility subjects. Most call him ‘’the physician with golden hands‘’ for being with very high success and also using common simple drugs for complicated ailments and very very low cost prescriptions. I have seen the most variety of cases treated by him.

Dr K Padmanabhan Sir MD (Ayu) 2006

Dr K Padmanabhan MD (Ayu), Meenangadi  town, retired DMO Wayanad ISM dept 37 yrs of clinical experience.
Least expensive prescription, specialist in parasurgicals procedures, combines bio energy healing with traditional Ayurveda therapies, specialist of incurable diseases.

He is one of the most prolific famous practioners in Wayanad district of Kerala and an inspiration and model for the younger generations. Anushastras are very very extensively practised at OPD level in his clinic. Known for his special healing capabilities at personal level, I owe the healing of my son Agnivesh to him when he was just 50 days old ad he was salvaged. Dr K Padmanabhan Sir has formally inaugurated this website.

Purnayoo Arogya Nikethanam Govt High School Road, Meenangadi, Wayanad, Kerala, India. Pin – 673591 Phone: (+91) 4936246759 Mob: (+91) 9744220104 Mob: (+91) 9995551346 Web:

Mrs Suma Varghese 2008

She inspired and initiated me to bio energy type of healing, precisely speaking Pranic healing. As my mentor in that subject I have greatly bee benefited in my personal and professional life by being exposed to para pyschology experiences mostly implemented in patients with complicated pyscho somatic, pyschological, pyschiatric issues. As a person she has enormous, amazing healing capabilities including distance healing. She does NOT accept money or any form of fees for her services for the last 20 yrs of her involvement in Pranic & spiritual healing and healing hundreds of patients in various ailments that did NOT respond to  Ayurveda or homeopathy or Allopathy.

Dr C B SAJEEV MD (Ayu) 2009

Currently District Medical Officer, ISM Dept, Palakkad District as on Oct 2017, 25 years of service, Resident of Kollam town near Vaidya tower hotel, Chinnakkada. Effectively introduced Acupuncture in Govt service in 2016 helping faster healing than Ayurveda methods in pain management. Marma specialist in orthopedics – special methods, most experienced in – Tamil style varmam style – once a secret science studied and practised deadly combat – martial arts, super specialist of parasurgical treatments of AYURVEDA Anushatra ”super specialist” of Kerala. A highly experienced physican of Dept of ISM Kerala, he is known for his excellent clinical skills presently Chief Medical Officer of Govt Ayureda Hospital Ernakulam town he is the one who made me introduce to Late Dr RAJAGOPALAN SIR and that proved to be a major turning point of my professional life. “KOLLAM DAYS” experiences of my learnings from Dr RAJAGOPALAN Sir would NOT have materialise without his help. Together with me, Dr Sajeev him, Dr Rajesh Kaimal, Dr Jogy Sebastian have propagated anushsatras and varmam to 4020 doctors in last 10 years from 2010.

Dr Rajesh Kaimal & Dr Jogy Sebastian

My friend Dr Rajesh Kaimal – Govt Ayurveda Medical Officer of Kerala like me and Dr Jogy Sebastian  We together have propagated varmam and anushastras to 4020 doctors in last 8 years.

DR N Shunmugom PhD 2009

DR Shunmugom PhD – Honorary consultant advisor, Arts Reasearch Institute, Coimbatore, Aged 56 yrs, Best expert of Tamil varmam – deadly combat science using and converting the once secretive varma kalai to medical utility for common ailment and specially autism, cerebral palsy  etc developmental disorders of children.
He and his team is responsible for training over 2000 Ayurveda doctors hence enhacing quality of clinical practise for these doctors. Hails from family of marma/ varmam specialist in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu. Trained by over 70 varmam ashaans / masters – He posseses all the technical know how of the points that can kill a person without forensic evidence. Similar to the 1996 tamil movie INDIAN of  Kamalhasan. Specialist in Tantra science and temple healing protocols.

Varmam Researcher & Honorary Advisor, ARI ( Learning varmam since 1978, from the age of 16 yrs & learnt from nearly 100 aasans (traditional varmam masters). He is well versed in deciphering old manuscript. Conducted training on Marmachikitsa in Sports Ayurveda for medical officers of Department of Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM) conducted by Government of Kerala in association with Government of India, Ministry of Defence, Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), have conducted research on evaluating efficacy of varmam therapy in improving oxygen saturation in individuals exposed to hypobaric hypoxia. He has trained over 800 doctors of Ayurveda in kerala about the intricate secret knowledge of varmam.

Dr Mathews Vempilly MD (Ayu) 2010

Retired CMO – ISM Dept Thodupuzha, Experience of 25 yrs in Govt, Best authority in sports medicine of Ayurveda, was Sports Ayurveda research cell convener, Ortho specialist dealing with complicated Neuro muscular skeletal ailments, Many national, international athletes and sports persons are benefited by his special treatment protocols, instrumental in establishing sports Ayurveda in Kerala. Now 2017 confined to his ancestral hospital – hails from family of traditional vaidyas Anushatra ”super specialist ”of key exponent of Sports Ayurevda in Kerala.

Dr Ravishankar Pervaje Sir MS (Ayu) 2010

A surgeon, from BHU, who speaks and acts on tridoshas. An extremely great clinician with a very humble, down to earth temperament, Meeting him turned out to be a blessing in my professional & personal life. I could spread direct awareness and training on anushastras easy implementation to 1733 doctors because of him. Learned Snehaagni karma, kshara karma, Siravedham, Sadyo vamana from him. Dr Ravishankar Pervaje MS (Ayu) BHU Consultant Surgeon Ph: +91(0) 8251 286610 (R) Mobile: +91(0) 9980821516, Sushrutha Ayurveda Hospitsal (Ayurvedic Speciality Care Hospital Including Surgery, Maternity, Panchakarma and Yoga Therapy) Near Mayura Theatre, Bolwar, Puttur – 574201 DK Office:  08251 231516, 238016 Email:

Padmashree Dr K Rajagopalan MBBS DAM FNAA 2011

Known as “GRAND MASTER of AYURVEDA in India” Dr K.Rajagopalan Sir was the ultimate authority of Ayurveda in the worldHe has positively influenced lives of lakhs of patients of India and abroad. He is also known for his selfless, unbiased, honest teachings to all his students and also for NEVER being interested in finance part of medicine. He has worked relentlessly for the upliftment of the status of Ayurveda & its practioners at a time when Ayurveda was handed over a step motherly treatment by  many govt officials in 1960s and 1970s. This work became possible ONLY due the laison done by my senior Dr Sajeev C V, SMO -Manna specialist GAH, Kollam – 9447379238, who introduced me to Dr K Rajagopalan Sir.

Padmashree Dr K Rajagopalan MBBS DAM FNAA Sushruta Bhavan, Hospital road, Kollam town, Kerala, Pin 691001, Phone: 0474 2745160

Dr Raviraj Kadle 2012

Dr Raviraj Sir is one among the 2 rare  known practioners of kuttee pravesika rasayana in the world. He is very generous & open minded to share his experience of the intricate secrets of this age halting therapy that is regenerating in its effect. He made a life changing/ transforming experience for me by implementing rasayana chikitsa on me.The picture shows me with him as  just after I came out of kutee. Ashwinidhama Ayurvedic Treatment Center, Kumta, Karnataka, India 581343 +91 9448526026

Dr Ganesh Malwade MS (Salya) 2013

We met by chance on the steps of Govt Ayurevda college, Tripunithura  and he trained me on Sringam procedure. He currently practices in Maharashtra State.

Dr Harish Warrier 2013

Dr Harish Warrier came to my professional life as real unforgettable blessing. Even though he came to me as a serious enthusiatic student, he went on EXTRA MILES to help me BEYOND what he was asked for. The digital documentation of this website reg data processing and such technological web related aspects are his INTENSE UNTIRING efforts. This website would not have seen daylight with OUT his exceptional, sincere committed hard work. He is well versed in all the anushastras and has learned all finer details of the subject of this website from me in every possible detail. A special thankfulness is to be mentioned to Dr Lakshmi his better half who compromised their personal family time to let this website see the daylight.

Dr Shyamala Devi

Dr Shyamala has been and still is a constant guide to many of doctors like me regarding the practice of Ayurveda.

Dr Jameela Beevi 1996 - 2005

As Professor & Head of the Department at S N Ayurveda College, Puthoor, Kollam, she has inspired many young Ayurveda doctors like me. She has always stressed on the importance of practicing Ayurveda in its purest form.

Dr Sreeja Sukesan MD PhD (Ayu)

22 yrs of service, 2017 Oct Medical Superintendent of Govt Ayurveda college Pariyaram, Best authority of eye diseases in Indian Ayurveda, Exposed to widest variety of eye diseases, brilliant academician and trainer to students, eye ENT specialist par excellent, most reliable authority in retinal diseases, diabetic retinopathy in India, least expensive treatment protocols, committed to common public welfare oriented working style, specialist in avoiding/ preventing cataract operations with proven medial data as evidence.

Dr S R Jayachandran BAMS

‘Bridge making‘ specialist, Graduate from Govt Ayurveda college Trivandrum of 1994 batch, Medical Officer on leave for 5 yrs from Dept of ISM Kerala. Excellent propagator of AYURVEDA clinics practice by virtue of his all kerala level personal network with physicians of ALL districts.
He is aware of ‘’inner details‘’ of many clinics and institutions. Hence nick named ‘Dhanush‘ – much like the character in Kamal hasan movie Kuruthipunal of 1995. He has a shrewd capacity of extracting obtaining information of ‘’all sorts‘’. Leans towards propagating all welfare measures for Ayurveda doctors as he travels. First manufacturer of kashayam extract sachet in market – a path breaking product that enables getting rid of preservatives. Relevance of this work – Increasing number evidences of preservative Methyl propane parabene, sodium benzovate causing female breast cancer, Nippagen Nippazol are trade names. Millions of bottles of Ayurveda decoctions kashayam carry these preservatives at very disagreeably alaramingly high levels than allowed by standard rules for the sake of increasing shelf life and avoiding possible business loss.

Dr Shyamakrishnan MD (Ayu)

21 yrs of service, Best doctor award  winner of state govt kerala, Pioneer in formulation of a very cheap – only Rs 1 thousand/ one thousand only – for 3 weeks of therapies in AVOIDING surgery in surgery verdicted cases of disc prolapse of lumbar spine/ slip disk cases rejected as medically incurable from medical college level faculties.

Best  known for propagating all over kerala  by his clinical writings of special methods of avoiding/ preventing many chronic  ailments. Least expensive prescriptions, brilliant scholar of  Ayurveda medical science and adding techniques of Tamil varmam methods in practise of challenging neuro muscular orthopedics cases. committed to common public oriented working style. Dr. Shyamakrishnan MD, is currently serving as CMO Ernakulam Dist hospital ISM Dept.

Dr Sreedarshan MD (Ayu)

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